WAO-G is a robot that you can program the movement by yourself. You can learn the basic of computer programing such as the responses to the information of its two sensors (if command) and the repeat of looping (FOR-NEXT). What is more, it has the Fuzzy Microcomputer developed exclusively by ELEKIT. Before the Fuzzy Control of WAO-G, it was difficult for robots with DC motors to move precisely as programed because of uneven operation caused by uneven characteristics of parts, assembling, battery consumption. WAO-G, however, has resolved these problems by the Fuzzy Control. WAO-G, DC motor robot, has improved outstandingly its stability of moving distance, its rectilinear motion,and reproducibility of program. You can set up the membership function freely and learn the basic theory of Fuzzy Control. The optional interface card (not included) makes it possible to send data (movement program, memburship function) to it from a personal computer.