Movit & Robot

What kinds of robots and machines will be in the 21th century? There might be the robot you've never seen walking down the street. This MOVIT & ROBOT expand your imagination as far as possible and show you a wonderful dream. You can enjoy assembling the kits of MOVIT & ROBOT which is the collection of Electronics and mechanism. You can also enjoy the uniqe movement operated by the sensor, microcomputer or remote control.

Movit Lab
MOVIT-LAB consists of a software and an Interface Board and it enables the operation of WAO (MR-961,9612), WAO/G (MR-968,9672/MR-998,9982) and ROBOT ARM (MR-999,999K) on your personal computer. HK$950
Mecha-Kame II
Amecha-Kame is a robot with a sound sensor. Every time you clap hands, this robot repeats the following movements: spin around, stop, move forward & stop. HK$350
Avoider Pagu
Avoider Pagu is a robot that moves about evading obstacles by way of infrared ray sensing system. The infrared ray sensing system, composed of infrared ray emitter and infrared ray reciever, finds obstacles to go around and changes moving direction. HK$400
Line Tracer Zoo
Line Tracer is a robot that follows a black line drawn on white paper. The eyes of the Line Tracer is a photo interrupter which projects and receives infrared rays, white reflect them. Line Tracer distinguishes black and white by projecting infrared rays from a photo interrupter. HK$400
Sumo Man
SUMO MAN emits the infrared rays.The reflected infrared rays from other robot are detected by his sensor and SOMO MAN rushes to the opponent jabbing his arms. You can select its movement,"rushing against an opponent"and "avoiding an opponent" by switching the modes. HK$350
Circular Neo
CIRCULAR NEO is a unique wonder ball which glides on the floor. With a remote radio controller,you can command spinning, going forward and backward, and turning right and left.Changing frequency of the radio controller,you can enjoy time trail or speed race with your friends. HK$450
Hyper Peppy II
Hyper Peppy II is a robot with a built-in sensor which reacts to vibration from sound or physical contact. It moves forward but when it senses a high pitched noise (such as a hand clap) or vibration from physical contact with an obstacles, it retreats by reversing and turning left for a preset time and then continues forward on a new course. You will enjoy its crispy movement. You can learn the mechanism of sound sensor and the ratchet mechanism. HK$250
MoonWalker II
MOON WALKER II is the walking robot with two sensors, the light sensor which catchs the change in the light as you shade the dome by your hand and the sound sensor which senses the noise such as a hand clap. It walks forward for a few seconds with four legs when either sensor senses the change then automatically stops. HK$250
Soccer Robot
Soccer Robot is a six-legged insect-like robot. It is controlled by a hand held infrared remote control. There are separate forward-reverse toggle switches for left and right motors. This permits accurate control of the direction of travel. You will learn working specification of the robot, wire remote control and mechanics of legged locomotion. HK$300
Wao G
WAO-G is a robot that you can program the movement by yourself. You can learn the basic of computer programing such as the responses to the information of its two sensors (if command) and the repeat of looping (FOR-NEXT). What is more, it has the Fuzzy Microcomputer developed exclusively by ELEKIT. You can set up the membership function freely and learn the basic theory of Fuzzy Control. The optional interface card (not included) makes it possible to send data (movement program, membership function) to it from a personal computer. HK$750
Robot Arm
ROBOT ARM has 5 joints operated by 5 motors. You can operate it freely by its controller and a small light bulb at each joint lights up during operation.
(Optional accessory: Computer Interface)

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