Mobile Robots

The newest generation of fischertechnik's computing kit can be used to create 5 "Mobile Robots" (e.g. for obstacle and track recognition), and 3 fixed models (sliding door, press, pulse counter). The LLWin 2.1 programs can be loaded on the processor's own interface, thus allowing the models to operate independently of the PC. the complete kit includes:

Intelligent Interface

4 digital motor outputs, 8 digital and 2 analog inputs, integrated microprocessor, serial RS 232 port with SubD9 connecting cable, online or download operation.

Power Block

Battery pack for 6 Mignon cells (AA) or rechargeable batteries (not included).

Software LLWIN 2.1 (CD-ROM)

Graphical programming system for Windows 3.XX and Windows 95, real-time processing, autorouting function, freely programmable. Recommended hardware: 486/66 DX2/8MB RAM (can be used for Interface 30520 too).

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