It's finally arrived, the link between PNEUMATICS and COMPUTING from fischertechnik! Pneumatically driven machines can now be programmed and controlled from your PC with the INTELLIGENT INTERFACE and the LLWin software. Valves are now opened and closed by a motor. Because the motor is linked to the interface output, the pneumatic functions od the models can now be carried out under computer control. Compressed air is supplied by the reliable miniature compressor from the fischertechnik series of standard components, now supplemented by a compressed air reservoir. In addition, the kit contains 4 pneumatic cylinders, 3 valves, 4 motors, one light barrier, and a switch sensor. Complete with detailed instructions for 4 models: pneumatic door opener, sorting unit, pneumatic grippers, and processing center. More than 340 individual components. For ages 12 and above. Intelligent Interface, Part No.30402, Software LLWin 2.1, Part No. 30407, and 9V DC/1000mA power supply (e.g. Energy Set, Part No. 30182) required additionally.